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Check out the testimonials from people who have used are services, or leave a testimonial about your experience and the service our firm provided for your tax needs.

"Was just referred to Gabrial Accounting for my taxes. Was more than pleased with their service. They were extremely knowledgeable, helpful, efficient and professional.would highly recommend their service for all.your tax and accounting needs."

-Albert M., Lodi, NJ

""TAX-RELAXED" is a good feeling. Here's how to get it. I AM BOTH AN INDIVIDUAL AND A SMALL BUSINESS CLIENT OF GABRIAL ACCOUNTING AND HAVE WORKED WITH MS. ACOURY FOR 5 YEARS NOW. There is a special personal reason why I am writing this lengthy review - please read it in its entirety to learn why, so that your faith is raised in the veracity of what I've written. If more people had Mary Acoury (Gabrial Accounting) in their "tax corner" this country would run far more smoothly and the first 100 days of each calendar year would feature less angry/worried grimaces plastered on the faces of tax-paying citizens. For reasons of privacy, I can't provide ALL the details that would convince you to zoom over to Ms. Acoury with your documents in hand (be they personal, LLC or corporate) - so you'll have to read between the lines and take comfort in the fact that I'm an honest man who would never deceive or exaggerate something (in public, no less) this important to gain favor with anyone. My situation is unusual and a bit complicated compared to most. It doesn't come from wealth and how to hold onto it and so I can't afford a high-overhead, outrageous hourly fee type professional in order to be "tax relaxed." I had to find a tax expert who had all the competence possible blended with an individual who was empathetic AND professional in their approach. If you've been in this bind then you know it isn't an easy task. My family had recently encountered the New American Nightmare where catastrophic health issues and a recently launched entrepreneurial effort intersect. I'd sold valuable shares just before the nightmare and every plan we'd made evaporated overnight. My previous tax firm had grown really BIG and they "let go" of lower-worth clients (I still think that's murky ethical ground) ... I wanted to find a new accounting "partner" that would never do such a thing to their clients. Ms. Acoury was a referral - and it was, for me, a lifesaver. THAT'S WHY I'M WRITING THIS REFERRAL NOW ... it may sound corny but receiving Mary's name was something of a blessing and I want to "pay it back" or "pay it forward" - it would be a good thing for anyone needing to switch or just ready for a professional bench, to be shown the way to Gabrial Accounting, as was I. My background is such that I believe you can trust my assessment. The qualities that Ms. Acoury and staff embody that I find to be quite differentiating from other CPA's, include (note: the individual qualities are important but it's the BLEND of qualities that make her far more rare than common). She and her company are: -professional, accurate and "demanding" when they SHOULD be demanding -quick to research what is unusual in the presentation of your financials (no best guesses) -empathetic to the right degree -responsive by text, email, phone (I'm certainly not a big client but you wouldn't know that from response times) -cutting edge/impressive in handling, storage, maintenance of your documents & tax records -flexible and not simply bound by internal company rules -prone to make you look better than you truly are by applying their professionalism to your -potentially disorganized mess (i.e. me) If you would like to speak to me directly, feel free to send me an email. with a phone number and a good time to contact you and I'll be glad to speak to you in more detail. OTHERWISE, I WHOLEHEARTEDLY RECOMMEND THE SERVICES (AND THE PERSON BEHIND THOSE SERVICES) PROVIDED BY GABRIAL ACCOUNTING & TAX! Best, Chris Traynor, SPHR Whip-Smart Consulting/Rocket Writing Services Wayne, NJ"

-Chris Traynor, Wayne, NJ

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